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Business English 5

This book is ideal for business people who would like to learn expressions, topics and conversations regarding business meetings.

24 Units

Day 1-60

1. Greeting and Introducing the Participants

2. Stating the Agenda

3. Explaining the Goals and Objectives

4. Brainstorming and Motivation

5. Evaluating and Choosing Suggestions

6. Asking for and Providing Feedback

7. Questioning for General Information

8. Questioning for Specific Information

9. Questioning for Clarification

10. Expressing Opinions

11. Expressing Agreement and Praise

12. Expressing Disagreement and Doubt

13. Interrupting Politely

14. Moderating Arguments

15. Resolving Disputes

60. Staying on Task

17. Demonstrating Interest and Attentiveness

18. Managing Dominant Speakers

19. Finding Consensus

20. Making Recommendations

21. Handling Objections

22. Summarizing Decisions

23. Assessing the Meeting

24. Closing the Meeting

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