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News English 3

This book is a compilation of longer news articles for intermediate students. Each unit requires the ability of the student to understand written text and express thoughts clearly about a certain topic.

16 Units

Day 1-16

1. Teenager Makes Million with News App

2. United Nations Asks Us to Eat Insects

3. South Korea "Bans" Miniskirts

4. Airline to Charge Passengers by Weight

5. Woman Marries a Bridge

Review. Unit 1-5

6. Sad Music Helps mend Broken Hearts

7. Man Angry at English on Japanese TV

8. Saudi Prince Spends $19 Million on Disney Party

9. Train Drivers in Skirts After Shorts Ban

10. Pass-Thoughts to Replace Passwords

Review. Unit 6-10

11. Cycling is Bad for the Environment

12. Women Talk Three Times More Than Men

13. Speaking English May Make You Poorer

14. Meteorite Hits Russia, Thousands Injured

15. Fashion Brand makes Perfume for Babies

16. The Elephant that can Speak Korean

Review. Unit 11-16

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