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Let's Talk 5

This book is designed for students who are ready to learn practical communication skills for a more interesting and comprehensible flow of ideas. It is intended to build the confidence in communication.

17 Units

Day 1-17

1. Advertisements

2. Right-Brain Jobs

3. Proverbs

4. Life Expectancy

5. LGBT: Should We Accept Them?

Review. Unit 1-5

6. Crime and Punishment

7. Moral Dilemmas

8. Making Changes

9. Academic Qualification Ensures Success in Life?

10. What to Consider in Choosing a Spouse or Partner

Review. Unit 6-10

11. Modern Life

12. Trying New Things… Risk and Reward

13. Superstitions: What Do You Believe?

14. Time Off… Vacation

15. Learning From Daily Life

Review. Unit 11-15

16. Freedom, Choice, and Responsibility

17. Being Young: A State of Mind

Review. Unit 16-17

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