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Daily Pattern and Conversation 2

This book is an activity-rich speaking material carefully crafted to develop skills in basic conversation and vocabulary enrichment. It uses short chunks, and practical activities to engage and motivate students to speak more.

20 Units

Day 1-20

1. How was your weekend?

2. How much is the fare?

3. That’s very kind of you.

4. What do you have in mind?

5. It’s your treat this time.

6. How about this key chain?

7. We will be landing shortly.

8. What seems to be the problem?

9. I love my customers.

10. Why not take up jogging?

11. Maybe some other time?

12. I had an appointment

13. I don’t play much anymore.

14. What’s the problem?

15. Just leave them in your room

16. How was the movie?

17. Nothing to be afraid of.

18. It looks like it’s delayed.

19. I have a reservation.

20. Can I give you a ride?

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