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Think and Write 2

e-future company's book series

32 Units

Day 1-32

1. Food I Eat: The Problem with Ice Cream

2. Food I Eat: Good Food and Bad Food

3. Aspiration: Confident Women in America

4. Aspirations: What I Want to Be

5. The Best Performance Ever: How Long did They Love?

6. The Best Performance Ever: My First Opera

7. Ideas about Recycling: Some Harmful Chemicals We Use Everyday

8. Ideas about Recycling: Shocking News

9. Being Close: Hugs

10. Being Close: Grandpa and I

11. Lovely Animals: Standing Sleep

12. Lovely Animals: Snow Flake

13. Favorite Scents: Where does Perfume Come From?

14. Favorite Scents: Perfume for Cindy

15. Sports and Activities: Electronic Sports

16. Sports and Activities: A New Game CD

17. Cellular Phones: From the First Cellular Phone to the Future

18. Cellular Phones: My Present

19. My Challenge: Extreme Sports

20. My Challenge: New Challenge

21. Dream Bedrooms: Frequencies and color Theraphy

22. Dream Bedrooms: My New Room

23. Inventions: Fathers of the Telephone

24. Inventions: A Soapy Invention

25. A Special Remedy: Cabbage in the Cap

26. A Special Remedy: Natural Cabbage Remedy

27. The Halloween Party: The Origins of the Jack O'Lantern

28. The Halloween Party: Halloween Night

29. My Vacation: Melanin, Sunlight, and Our Skin Color

30. My Vacation: I went to the Beach

31. Weblogs: Computing Language

32. Weblogs: My Family Homepage

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