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이상숙 (2024-03-18​)​


로즈마리 선생님을 추천합니다.


I was a student who always had a fear of communicating in English. Through online English classes I am able to break the language barrier as it gave me confidence to interact with foreigners.


Thank you so much for the kind and easy way of teaching me in class. 

If you have hesitations like me in starting your English class, I highly recommend 11talk.​ 

Song Ju Ho

Business man

Since I was a student, I wanted to study English constantly, but when I started my company life, I didn't have time to attend an English academy. However, it was great to be able to study English comfortably at home through 11talk video English after work at the company. 


There is no restriction on movement, and it seems to be a big advantage of video English that it can be done with only a laptop and a headset. 


I am highly recommending this to busy professionals like me.

Park Dong Hyun

While I was in college, I studied TOEIC and earned points, but in reality, I realized that I was too short of conversation. 

So, with the recommendation of an acquaintance, I learned video English and took 11talk classes.


At first, wouldn't the computer class be lacking in efficiency? 

I thought like this, but after taking the class, my thoughts completely reversed 180 degrees.

Kang Young Seok

Former Pines Student

If you want to study English, I recommend 11Talk.

There are many teachers, and I think it's easy to improve my English because I can study with a teacher and the class style that suits me. 


In addition, when I needed to be absent in class due to personal reasons, I was able to reschedule the class with the help of the staff. I have improved my English, so I recommend it based on my experience.


Business English student

 Finding time to study English was quite challenging for me because of graduate school. 

However, 11talk made me utilize my time in between studying and researching. I took the Business English Course.


I experienced high-quality English classes with qualified teachers. I recommend the 11talk class for people with hectic schedules. You should stop doubting on Filipino pronunciation and accent, I'd like you to know that the Philippines got the top rank in BEI (Business English Index) and this means that Filipinos are great communicators most especially in the global business sector.  


Job Seeker

I always had a hard time preparing for an English interview. So, while looking for practical business and job-related English classes, I came across 11talk. There were many courses in 11talk, among which, I was able to focus more on English interviews and business English by applying for special courses.


I gained a lot of knowledge about English through this class, but the biggest thing seems to be that I gained a lot of confidence in English.

I am very satisfied and I think I will be able to do well in the upcoming English interview.

Seo Jun Young

Working Holiday Student

It is also recommended for those who are preparing for a working holiday or work abroad!

While preparing for a job abroad, I was thinking about how to study English in Korea. I learned English happily every day with 11talk, which I learned by accident. Above all, I think it was a great opportunity to feel confident and have fun while learning English.​ 

Koh Eun Bi

11talk Junior Course was perfect for my son and daughter. Both of them have tried the "Let`s Go Series" class, and it was very beneficial for them. T. Ramon was persistent and very capable of handling kids. For sure, my kids have improved in English. They can pronounce words and identify things around them in English. I would highly recommend 11talk to parents who want their children to learn English in their formative years. 

Park Hee Seo (Working Mom)

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